Posted by: warnick68 | August 30, 2008

Suicide Pact?

So I’m sure we all listened to the speech by Barack Obama Thursday evening.

The man can give a speech of that there is no doubt. Apparently someone on MSNBC even described the speech as being a symphony.

Beyond the style, the theater of the speech… did we pay attention to the content?

Some heard a beautiful Utopian score playing ever so softly in the back ground, some heard a chorus of angelic beings.

I heard a promise of a rush to Socialism. I heard a speech that would have made FDR and Johnson rise from their resting places and cheer.

I heard money being pulled right out of my wallet and yours. I heard even more companies shutting their doors.

I heard government choosing curriculum for all levels of education. I in fact heard the promise of ‘re-education’.

Do you think government is going to provide higher education for all citizens and not dictate the curriculum…
don’t fool yourself.

Do not fool yourself into thinking that once ‘universal’ health care is provided that government will not then also hold your very health in it’s hands.

Too old or too sick for this surgery… etc.

Let’s not forget how he intends to make us a “green” nation (the Republicans have reportedly added a “green” plank to their platform btw..).

A Kyoto treaty and those similar have within them the ability to turn modern nations into third world countries in short order.

I found myself in this same place when Gore ran, I did not like George Bush but was very worried about what Gore would do were he elected.

So, while I voted for Alan Keyes in the primaries I had felt I no choice but to vote for Bush in the general.

Again I found myself in the same place next time around, didn’t want Bush but didn’t want Kerry.

Here I am again, I like McCain even less than Bush, but what to do?

I truely believe that Obama is more than capable and more than willing to transform this nation into something it should not be.

Something it was never intended to be.

He not only can but I believe likely will destroy this nation.

If I do like so many conservatives and party Republicans are planning to do (not vote for McCain to teach the party and the nation a lesson), then I may well loose my country.

If I do vote for McCain then I have also voted for a person I do not agree with (though I am more inline with McCain than with Obama) and who I also think is bad for this country.

Either way am I entering a suicide pact with others?

If I vote do not vote for McCain then I do my part to assure the nation is socialized. If I do vote for McCain then I do my part to assure the nation is socialized… at a slower pace.

Am I really doing anything to protect my nation by not voting for McCain? Am I doing anything to protect my nation by voting for him?


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