Posted by: warnick68 | September 4, 2008

“Welcome” From the DHA to the DNC

The DNC came to an end a week ago here in Denver and I got to see the smallest bit of it in person. I was able to tell two protesters in downtown Denver “screw off commie”!

That was however the extent of my being able to confront any of the sick leftists who polluted our city with their presences.

At any rate… I’ve moved way off of why I even bothered with the post… back to the topic at hand.

As I sat parked in my truck today waiting to go to my next customers house I noticed I was parked across the street from the ‘bricks’… public housing to some of you, the projects to others.

I noticed a sign hanging off of the entrence to the bricks and took a photo.

A welcoming sign from the DHA to those who help keep people down

If you cannot read the sign it says:

“Denver Housing Authority Welcomes 2008 Democratic National Convention”

Of course they do, because they know who it is that butters their socialized bread.

I assure you that 95% of those who live within DHA housing will and do vote for the Democrat party. They vote for the very party, the very people who hold them down and keep them in the public housing hell hole.

The very people, the very party who makes it so very hard for them to pry themselves free of the handhold the government has upon them, and sadly in some situations they very party and people who through their government programs can and do actually suck the will to rise above individual struggles and suck the belief from people that they can exist without the government providing for them their housing and food, etc…

The DHA welcomes the people, the party who oppress those who live in the bricks.

Of course they do, because without the Dems the DHA may well be genuinely needed but would not be as large as it is. The DHA would provide only temporary housing for people as the people work to pull themselves out of whatever hard life situation they may find themselves in.

The DHA and all housing authorities across this nation need the Dems.

It is like the Russian people thanking Lenin or Stalin for their bread.

Only here in America, it is slavery in the guise of freedom.

I pray the make-up is washing off of the “progressive” Democrat party and people will soon she her for the whore she is.

(note that decades ago referring to another or to ones self as progressive meant in fact that that person was a communist. Funny how the Dems have for the last couple of years begun to again refer to themselves as progressives)

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