Posted by: warnick68 | September 5, 2008

Conservatism and the Future of this Nation

Little things must
be worrying Obama.

His bump from the DNC is all but gone.

Sarah Palin has generated as much national excitement as Obama which is saying
something as she is a VP candidate while he is a presidential candidate.

The DNC was boasting so very heavily about the audience it generated and how
they set a viewership record for a political convention.

Palin drew a much, much larger television audience than did Joe
Biden and she drew only one million fewer viewers than did Obama himself.

Meanwhile considering the conventions as a whole, the Republicans won there as
well. The DNC had an average audience of slightly over 30 million while the
average audience for the RNC was 34.5 million.

This does mean something.

Consider the very lack-luster response to McCain during the primaries by his

Consider the pure star treatment Obama had learned to expect.

Now consider the present situation.

It tells me that the shine is slowly rubbing off of Obama and that the more the
public gets to know him, the less they like him.

That is not at all to say that McCain is well on the road to victory, he isn’t.
He has a hell of a fight in front of him and unless one of the two makes a
major mistake before the general election then we are likely in for yet another
photo finish election.

So McCain isn’t going to skip merrily along to the Oval Office, but he is in a
good place to get there.

I’m not a big McCain fan (I am turning into a big Palin fan) but I think it is
important that he wins. Where Obama will take us and how quickly he will get us
there is just too damn scary to me.

In the end, it will not matter if WE the American people do not do something

WE need to stand up.
WE need to take action.
WE need to tell those who represent us what their job is.
WE need to make sure they do their job.

WE need to revive American pride because while it may not be at as low a level as it was in the 90’s, it sure ain’t what it once was and sure ain’t what it
could be.

I’m a product of the 80’s.
I grew up during President Ronald Reagan’s two terms.

I remember very well the ushering out of Jimmy Carter and I remember the rushing in of American pride the day Reagan took the Oath.

I want that pride back for this nation.

I still feel that pride but it seems to me too few feel it.

The Pledge of Allegiance can still bring me to tears as can the National Anthem; the site of a flag, the site of a soldier.

Despite how I raised my children I can’t help but to wonder if the feel the pride, the love for this nation that I do.

I have opportunity to speak to teenagers fairly often and I can’t help but to walk away thinking that they give little to no thought to the nation in which they live.

The old generation of real conservatives is nearly gone; we had better start ushering in the next generation now.

Liberals/progressives cannot hold this nation together.
There is no hope in them there is merely the socialization of this nation (and worse) in them.

Do not be fooled, among their ranks are those who purposely seek the destruction (perhaps not physical but the destruction of our morals and ideals) of this nation.

If we want America to survive and continue to be that shinning city on a hill, then we must start placing the next generation of true conservatives in government now.

And not just in government.

The Dems are making a play for the hearts and minds of evangelicals.

We need conservative Christian churches teaching the truth of God.

We need those same conservative Christians involved in their communities and most importantly passing on their Christian heritage to their children.

Pass the Christian heritage on and the truest form of conservatism will follow and continue to follow generation to generation.

Each generation seems to have demanded less and less of the next generation. Well, if we truly want to preserve this nation for future generations then we must teach them and we must demand of them that they do not simply ride the wave of freedom brought to them by previous generations. They must too do the hard work, they must to take an active role in the preservation of American and her freedoms.

Demand it from your children now! Demand it for the sake of your grandchildren and their grandchildren.

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