Posted by: warnick68 | October 3, 2008

I’m A Thief

I am a thief because everything you are about to read I took in whole from LGF (Little Green Footballs).

Normally if I like what I read on another blog and want to use part of it I will copy/paste a portion of it, add to it some of my own thoughts and link to the remainder of the article from the source.

This particular one from LGF is too short for that and too chuck full of good info and links so I’m just snatching the whole thing and of course linking right back to the source.

Original LGF posting is here.

Biden’s Lies, Ignored By Media

We’ve posted five articles now about serious mistakes and/or outright lies in Joe Biden’s performance last night—but if you read what the mainstream media have written about the debate, you won’t find a single one of these falsehoods. The media have almost unanimously declared the debate a win for Biden, and they’re ignoring his lies to focus on bashing Sarah Palin in article after article like this one from TIME magazine: Why Some Women Hate Sarah Palin.

Here are the five articles we’ve posted, backed up with video evidence and citations from media or the Obama campaign’s own statements:

Biden Lied About Supporting ‘Clean Coal’

Biden Lied About Obama Not Supporting Hamas Election

Biden Doesn’t Know the Difference Between Gaza and the West Bank

Biden’s Lebanon Nonsense

Biden’s Big Lie

UPDATE at 10/3/08 3:36:01 pm:

The Associated Press assigned five writers to “fact check” the debate, but somehow they missed every single one of these lies and gaffes: Some facts adrift in veep debate.


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