Posted by: warnick68 | October 7, 2008

Knowing God 10.6.08

I enjoy reading books, I don’t read as much as I once did (there was a time when I could devour a book in a matter of hours) and I surely do not read as much as I’d like.I read books of varying flavors but tend for the most part to favor general literature. In other words, I never have and likely never will read a Tom Clancy novel.

My favorite book is Victor Hugo’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame, I’ve likely read it fifteen times and know I’ll read it several more times before I return to dust (assuming I don’t return to dust anytime soon).

Charles Dickens of course is a favorite, O. Henry is another, Edgard Allen Poe, you get the idea.

In recent years I’ve began reading a lot of current political books and history as well. Not long ago I read a biography of Chairman Mao which was outstanding.

The point being again, I read books of varying flavors.

I recently finished reading Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, doesn’t quit fall in with Hugo and Dickens I know. A great book in my mind however.

It was from reading Fahrenheit 451 that this Category “Knowing God” for my blog came to mind.

No, there was nothing in the content of the book that was problematic; it was the actual act of reading the book that I felt some kind of conviction once I ended the last page.

The reason being is that when I picked up Fahrenheit 451 I was already in the middle of reading two other books, two books I put aside in order to read Mr. Bradbury’s book.

The two books I put aside were Christian books.

It doesn’t bother me that I intended to read a ‘secular’ book and two Christian books at the same time, what bothered me was that I did not read the two Christian books.

I placed them to the side and did not pick them up again until after I had finished with 451.

I was easily sidetracked.
Two books that I was enjoying and learning from I easily ignored for one of pure entertainment.

So the question became how do I stick to my readings of actual importance and true substance?
Also, in answering the above question can I find a way to maybe take more in from those readings?

When I read Christian material I pray about what I am reading, ask that I might learn from what I am reading that something in the material might make me effective for God, bring me closer to Him, but just reading the book, doing some bible reference checks, etc… is not enough.

I read a chapter or two close the book for the evening, maybe give it some consideration as I get ready for bed and then that is pretty much it.

The Christian life for me has been more than rocky over the past five or so years.
I remember when every Christian book I picked up was not simply a book to read but every one was a bible study no matter if the book was written for the purpose of a bible study or not.

Now when I read a Christian book, it’s just a Christian book that I may well learn something from but likely have not grown from reading.

So that is where this new category comes in.
I have two large book cases filled with 90% Christian material of that I have read in whole about 95% of the books and in part 100%.

However, I studied maybe 45% of it.

My thought then is that I will take no less than one book per month and study that book and it’s particular topics I will then post here either each day I read or at the end of each chapter.

The frequency of posting may depend upon the book itself.

I don’t yet know which book from those shelves I’ll begin with but I will know by tomorrow and will begin the reading and studying by tomorrow.
The posting may not begin for a day or two.

I know this blog doesn’t have any where near the readership of my previous blog (1,000+ per day for the old blog, about 50+ per day for this blog) but the comments will be open on all postings and any thoughts as always will be welcomed and new threads can also be started for complete discussions.

With this category then I hope it to help me keep in mind that I need to be more diligent with my Bible reading/studies and reading/studies of Christian material.


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