Posted by: warnick68 | October 9, 2008

Socialism Is Socialism No Matter Which Party Promotes It

The bailout was a clearly socialist move, though I honestly had a hard time working out in my own mind if it was or was not a good idea.

I’m a tad ashamed of the fact that I was so unsure as I do believe capitalism is superior to socialism or any other ism.

But I was very quick to consider it a good idea.

As day’s have passed and I’ve more time to consider it it is clear the market should be allowed to work, especially when taking into consideration that the source of the problem was primarily government caused above and beyond any corporate greed and individual stupidity.
Being that the government was the cause it is hard to see it [government] as being the solution.

The we move to the most recent Presidential debate which showed in a glaring way the socialist tendencies of Barack Obama; but we also saw that McCain can swing a big socialist bat as well.

Those of us who consider ourselves conservative and did NOT want McCain as our candidate had already seen and noted that he too has a little socialist in him.

The debate demonstrate that fact pretty well in particular when McCain spoke of buying up mortgages.

It is a depressing fact that both parties tend towards a new quasi (at best) socialist America.

Can a real conservative please stand up?

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UPDATE: It gets worse.
US government may take part ownership in banks



  1. I’ll stand up!! I have a great candidate in mind, I have her picture on a piece of flair on my Facebook page. Her name is Riley-Roo!

  2. I personally think that the best plan is to leave the economy alone. I am not an interventionist.

    However, if we are going to have an interventionist government anyway, it is possible to decide that, within that context, the bailout was better than not having one.

    I know, that sounds confusing. It is kind of like a war in Iraq. It is good to debate whether or not we should have one, but once we do, we need to finish it, regardless of whether or not it was a good idea in the first place.



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