Posted by: warnick68 | October 25, 2008

Final Day’s, Final Push

In the remaining day’s of the election I hope to cover a lot of ground if time allows.

Not much new is going to break during that time so most of what I will post here is likely to be a rehash of things we all have heard and read already.
That doesn’t mean it is no important especially given how a good majority of actual issues involving Obama have been glossed over or ignored by the media.

Talk radio and blogging are really the best hope of avoiding a Obama Presidency.

God knows the McCain campaign isn’t and never has attempted to present a real challenge to Obama.

Not that my little , rarely read blog is going to make a difference.
But if the little blogs are posting in mass about something then the bigger more popular blogs and talk radio will pick up on it.

Those who blog need to hit Obama and hit him hard in these remaining days.

Remind your readers who Obama is, who his friends are, etc…

I suppose Socialism is on it’s way no matter who is elected.
But it is coming NOW if Obama is elected.
At least if McCain is elected we still have time to fight and perhaps the rejection of Obama’s socialist agenda will send a message (I doubt it, but one can always hope).

If you don’t blog or don’t Podcast, then send emails, talk to friends and family.

Do something.


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