Posted by: warnick68 | November 10, 2008

A Global Society

Weather you hold to a Christian end-times scenario or not it is clear to most I think, that sooner or later some form of a “one world government” will come to pass.

I would guess sooner rather than later, the key word being “guess”.

As a Christian it is something I do consider from time to time, I’m not sure if I consider it to often or not often enough, but it is something I think about enough that some events in the world stand out among others and make me wonder just how far off a global government is.

I do not mean a global government of the U.N. type.
The U.N. is a corrupt, weak, feckless entity and little more.

I mean a firm, fixed and forceful body that doesn’t pass legislation but proclaims and administers law.

I’m sure that sounds over the top and paranoid to many.
Those who are secular or those who are “liberal christians” (yes, in judgmentally choose to use a lower case “c”) would in most cases expect a global government to be a logical evolution, necessary and welcomed and in the best interest of not only humanity… but of the actual marble we live on as well.

If I were not a Christian but all else with me remained the same, I would at best see a global government as a tool of the elite to control the masses and rape their productivity.

As a Christian however, I know the truth of such a government will be far more grim.
Believe it or not (considering the lead up) the biblical perspective is not what this particular post is about.

This post is has far more to do with my earlier mention that some world events stand out and speak to a coming one world government.

Some stand out and some slap you right across the face, such as this:

From Reuters:

My message is that we must be: internationalist not protectionist; interventionist not neutral; progressive not reactive; and forward looking not frozen by events. We can seize the moment and in doing so build a truly global society.

Those are the words of Britain’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown from a speech he will deliver only a few short hours from now.

Brown will also name five “great” challenges facing the world:

terrorism and extremism and the need to reassert faith in democracy; the global economy; climate change; conflict and mechanisms for rebuilding states after conflict; and meeting goals on tackling poverty and disease

If America had a strong Republic minded president, such statements from Brown wouldn’t cause me as much concern.

Barack Obama was elected upon the promise of “change” and from what I’ve seen of him and heard from him over these past two years I fear that what Gordon Brown is speaking of is just the kind of change Barack Obama can believe in.

I consider the fact that during the campaign Mr. Obama demonstrated that he holds a socialist ideology. Again, the change Gordon Brown is speaking of is just the kind of change Obama can believe in.

I believe Rahm Emanuel has affirmed just that:

FT He [Rahm Emanuel] said Mr Obama saw the financial meltdown as an historic opportunity to deliver the large-scale investments that Democrats had promised for years

With but the fewest of exceptions the promises from the Democrats have been the promise of a socialist America.

Mr Brown is not the first to offer up these ideas since this world wide financial crisis began, Nicolas Sarkozy was there at least a month before Brown arrived.

Sarkozy spoke last month to the National Assembly of the Canadian province of Quebec.

Mail and GuardianSarkozy spoke of the emergence of “a new world” and new opportunities to make it a better place.
“Either we will be able to organise, regulate this new world and give it moral content,” he warned, “or we will revert to a system, in which each country fends for itself — a world of egoism, fanaticism and confrontation”.

Not long after it became clear that this crisis had spread across the whole of the world Sarkozy had been reported as saying to president Bush that a global currency WILL be the result of this and that he [Bush] and the American people had no say in this matter. It would come to pass weather we liked it or not.

A global government is coming.
If any of this will pan out and create such a government, I don’t know, but I for one wouldn’t be all that surprised if it did.

Why do I write about this?
It certainly isn’t because I have a solution to head off such a government.
Maybe I hope one or two people who never really thought a world government could come to pass, might read this and realize what just might be coming toward them.

The trend of the world makes it very obvious that at sometime a one world government will in fact exist, I’m not a clairvoyant, I’m simply stating what any idiot can see.

If you happen to be a Christian then you already know that some form of government similar to what I am speaking of will come into being sooner or later and you know what this is an indication of.

I’m not trying to scare anyone, just hoping to make aware any who might not be.


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