Posted by: warnick68 | November 23, 2008

Live Writer Blogging Software, Test Posting

I’ve heard a lot about Microsoft’s Live Writer software and thought to give it a try.

Mind you, this goes against all of my computing instincts, I DO NOT like Microsoft products (with some exceptions) from Windows, to IE… Microsoft tends to suck.

I much prefer Linux.

However I am, perhaps stupidly, almost always willing to give Microsoft another chance. This use of Live Writer is yet another of those chances.

To further test I am going to insert one random image and a Youtube video, post and check the results.



UPDATE: I am not disappointed.

Very, very simple to use.

The two things that jumped to mind is no split view for Web layout and HTML and no ability to alter the fonts.

I suppose as I am thinking of it I should try the Block Quote.

This is a Block Quote. Already I like Liver Writer better than the Firefox Scribe Fire.

I don’t enjoy saying that because I love Firefox, but I did find Scribe Fire to be very buggy.


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