Posted by: warnick68 | November 26, 2008

My Little Girl

Today is Thanksgiving Day in America.

A day meant to reflect upon our blessings over the past year, give Thanks to God for His loving grace and mercy, for all He has provided us over the last year.

A day to give Thanks to our family members, for their love, their support and often times their grace as well.

A day to give Thanks to our nation for she is the greatest on Gods green earth; those who have gone before us and those her serve her and us still.

This particular year however, for my wife and myself, Thanksgiving Day is all of the above and a little bit more.

This day, November 27th 2008, is also the 18th birthday of our oldest daughter.


Eighteen years ago we meet the first of our six children, Moriah.

She had a pointy head and looked like she had just lost a fight, she was divided into various sections of baby fat and looked like a short pale version of this guy.


Seriously, a butterball turkey at 9 pounds, 10 and 3/4 ounces all of that packed into a mere 18 inches worth of length.

I know, the description above may not be all together flattering, but trust me she was beautiful and still is.

Oh, this was one spoiled kid let me tell you, but a quick learner.

We had gone to Blockbuster video one evening when she was about two and a half, she choose to throw a fit for one reason or another in the store. I told her to hush, she became louder.

I smacked her bottom in the store and took her out to the car where we waited until my wife was done in Blockbuster. Moriah never threw a public fit again…

she threw many private fits however.

Moriah was a young puppet master, she had grandma and great grandma by the strings to be sure.

While playing with Moriah outside of her great grandmothers house one day she had done something bad (I don’t recall what) and as a warning I told her I was going to box her ears if she didn’t listen to me.

She ran from me and into her great grandmothers house telling great grandmother what I had said.

Before I could even ascend the steps to the house her great grandmother was out the door giving me the what for, because I had dared to threaten her little grand daughter.

Moriah stood close behind, grinning.

When Moriah was about four we found a home church in Denver that we attended for years to come and I remember thinking how nice all the families and kids were there. That was until Moriah arrived at about age 12 and I began to notice that the boys in church had begun to notice Moriah.

I was pretty sure I was going to have to beat some poor church boy down sooner or later.

I’ve never seen so many years go by so very quickly.

18 years! It just blows my mind.

I can recall the road to my 18th birthday, it seemed like the day would never arrive. It likely feels similar for Moriah, but speaking as her father her 18th birthday seemed to arrive over night.

I swear to you it was just mere weeks ago that I was sitting in the audience at Moriah’s school, Calvary Baptist, as she took part in her 1st grade Christmas play and I was tearing up behind the lens of the camcorder.

All the birthdays and Christmas past, memories now.

Memories are a wonderful thing to have, but not tangible. They aren’t in the here and now, I can’t grasp them and I know these types of memories with Moriah will not be made again.

But new memories will.

I use to tease her by telling her that on her 18th birthday we would have a very quick birthday party, then pack her bags and out she goes. Honestly (as I am sure you can tell) I’m having a hard time letting go, I’m not dealing with this very well.

She’ll be with us until she is 19 but considering the speed with which the last 18 years have come and gone, she’ll be 19 in what will seem to me to be but a few days or weeks.

I watch her move into adulthood with a little fear but mostly with enormous pride, this is a good kid young lady.

My wife and I have never stressed to our children that they must be doctors or lawyers, or this or that or that they strive to make a ton of money.

We’ve stressed to them how important it is to know and love God, to seek Him and to serve Him and to be a honest, trustworthy, person of good character. Moriah has embraced that (despite my poor example at times) and she is a Godly young lady of excellent character who I am so very proud of.

In closing, as a warning to any young suitors, remember what I mentioned above about having thought I might have to bloody some church boy…

Yeah, I would have knocked out a teenage boy if need be and I’ll knock you out too if need be.


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