Posted by: warnick68 | November 30, 2008

Because Blogging And Facebook Do Not Waste Enough Time


I signed up for Twitter some weeks ago and never touched it again until this morning as I sat in front of my PC hoping sleep would finally come and smack me up side the head. It [sleep] so far has not arrived and so I continued with Twitter.

I decided to give Twitter a chance because of this article on All American Blogger.

The author of the blog, Duane Lester, makes a decent argument as to why conservatives should be using Twitter. He also made me reconsider my original thought that Twitter is useless and a waste of time.

If I am understanding Twitter correctly, the use of it can be nearly effortless once one has completed their initial setup.

I entered the RSS Feed for both this blog and for my other blog, Holy Hell at a service called Twitter Feed.

Twitter Feed will check each blog feed every hour and update my Twitter page accordingly.

If I choose to use Twitter simply as another way of driving traffic to my two blogs, then Twitter Feed should take care of that with little no further effort from myself.

Duane Lester of the above mentioned, All American Blogger, uses Friend Feed rather than Twitter Feed.

While not having looked into Friend Feed I assume it works in similar fashion to Twitter Feed.

Many other options exist with Twitter.

I can update my Twitter via the browser on my phone.

I can also link Twitter to my Facebook account and use it to update my Facebook status.

If you are considering using Twitter I would then direct you back to the previously mentioned link on All American Blogger.


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