Posted by: warnick68 | December 15, 2008

If It Had Been Saddam Hussein At The Podium


I’m sure this has already been pointed out a million times by now, one more time won’t hurt.

If it had been Saddam Hussein at the podium yesterday who the Iraqi reporter (I understood the reporter to actually be from Egypt) threw a shoe at, that reporter would be dead now.


I wasn’t going to post on this at all but I came across this posting over at DUmmie FUnnies in which he highlights pieces of a thread at the Democratic Underground mock Bush and praise the reporter who threw the shoe.

I found their responses to be more than interesting and demonstrative of their [the left] typical hatred.

The left’s hatred of Bush is not exactly a secret, but the degree of hatred still sometimes shocks me.

A good percentage of the messages in the thread are vulgar to the point where I would not feel comfortable posting them here. Many lament that Bush was not actually hit by either of the shoes. Most of them are just seething with vile hatred.

I am not pleased that Barack Obama is to be our president, I am opposed to him in whole and his agenda in whole, still were he to experience something similar I would not take pleasure in it and would not be wishing ill upon him.

These people are simply sickening.

A sampling from the Democratic Underground follows:

And how many people would actually get to read anything an Iraqi journalist wrote, I applaud this “Journalist” for what he did, its just a shame Shrub didn’t get his teeth knocked out!!

He didn’t get the memo he was s’pose to throw flowers! At least Bush got the greeting he deserved.

Couldn’t happen 2 a better person

Somebody get that guy a brick!

Too bad Shrub didn’t get his teeth knocked out, that guys a true hero!

I want to put it on tape and give it out as a Christmas gift



  1. The journalist ain’t Egyptian.He’s an iraqi reporter working for a iraqi channel broadcasting from Egypt.
    Number 2:
    actually we don’t know where the hell is the journalist now especially that all reports since then say he’s been taken to somewhere undisclosed!
    I’d like to see the iraqi government to be more civilised than its predecessor’ saddam’s regime’and show us some decency and democracy..although i doubt it.

  2. As I said, “I understand the reporter to be Egyptian”, this not a statement that he IS without a doubt Egyptian.

    The report is currently that he is in the hands of Iraqi military. That may not bode well for him, but surely it is better than being in the hands of Saddam.

    I hope he has not been harmed (there are reports that he has been harmed, broken bones…).

    He did commit what, in most any society, would be considered a crime. But it is not though he shot a gun, he threw a stinky shoe and should be treated criminally as one who threw a shoe and did not attempt to take a life.

    Non the less, he is a criminal.

  3. When I first heard the news I really couldn’t believe what I have saw, witnessing somebody in a high position to be receiving a pair of shoe flying rapidly on his face, the more his the president of the US. I may also have the point of what the reporter had felt but in whatever side I may view it for me it’s very unethical to see somebody like that, if he wants to be a great help to their people in their country then he he should be doing some right actions to do that, not by getting his footwear off to the face of somebody and besides it won’t change the criticality of things.

  4. I agree. Even if the man does not like President Bush this was not the way to behave.

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