Posted by: warnick68 | February 16, 2009

How Religious Is Your State?

Found this at WND.

A recent poll of more than 350,000 Americans on the importance of religion revealed that the nation is separated into enclaves of widely divergent viewpoints on faith, with some states and regions clearly religious and others significantly secular.

Gallup conducted a telephone poll of 355,334 U.S. adults, asking the question, "Is religion an important part of your daily life?"






  1. dude… only 45th? much better than I would have thought. But, the eastern half of the state is very conservative. If you counted just the half I live in… we’d be about… i dunno… say 15 % or so

  2. Islaam is part of our every second, minute and hour of every day.
    The Almighty and religion “Put it to the ultimate test”:

  3. Funny how the South is more religious!

  4. California ranked better than you guy’s!

    Time for you to start a mega, mega, super-meaga church, because worship can never be super-sized enough.

  5. dude, we are so much worse than california

  6. alfaarooq1,
    did you just spam for Islam?

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