Posted by: warnick68 | March 8, 2009

Partial Obedience to God

Have you ever questioned your obedience, your faithfulness to God?

Or maybe you’re like I have been most of my Christian life, no need to question your obedience, your faithfulness; because you know you are not being as obedient, as faithful as you could be, as you should be.

My walk has always been a struggle.

Sometimes because of personal laziness, sometimes because it is hard to break old habits and easy to fall back into ones you thought previously broken, sometimes because of hard hearted resistance and sometimes sadly, because I just didn’t notice I was being disobedient.

I thought of this today as I completed a daily reading from 1st Samuel which then also led me to read from 1st Kings. 1st Samuel 15:1-35 & 1st Kings 11: 1-6 in specific.

I don’t know about you, but I often read scripture and see my life in a glaring light. Be it my present life, my past or a possible future I might be barreling towards.

I read these and saw bits and pieces of past, present, possible future.

So it is clear, I am not writing this particular post at the time of some impasse in my life, I’m simply writing about some of those things that struck me as I read.

I could easily turn this into a very long post, but that is not my goal and I haven’t the skill for the teaching of theology.

I simply wanted to highlight the danger in partial obedience to God, not forgetting or ignoring the difficulty, at least for myself, in full and constant obedience to God.



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