Posted by: warnick68 | April 27, 2009

Christian Anti-Defamation Commission Questions President Obama and His Claim to Christ

I’m not about running through crowds of people and trying to indentify who is and who is not a Christian, who is and who is not going to hell. 

Knowing a mans heart is a hard thing. Knowing his fruits is easier I admit, but still caution is of course advised if one feels they’ve reason to attempt to identify another as not being Christian.

I believe there are cases where one can and one should stand and say, “that person is NOT a Christian”. In the case of false teachers/prophets for example.

As an example I offer Benny Hinn.

I, myself, have no issue with saying that he [Hinn] is not a Christian and that those of us who make a claim to Christianity and to the God of creation should not be listening to his teaching. (see Word of Faith Quotes)

This is a all a simple lead up to something I have found on the website for the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission (a group I had never heard of before). The something being a list of “Seven Reasons Barack Obama is not a Christian”.

The seven reasons are:

  1. Obama Believes There Are Many Paths to Heaven
  2. Obama Denies the Authority of the Bible
  3. Obama Supports Homosexuality
  4. Obama Supports Abortion
  5. Obama Affirms Muslim Prayer
  6. Obama is Associated with Black Liberation Theology
  7. Obama Has No Bona Fide Christian Testimony

If you go to the website they have further explanation as to specifics concerning their list of seven.

If true, several of these are disturbing.

If true, several of these would demonstrate that Barack Obama is not a Christian.

Example number 1 for instance.

I think the site makes a decent case.

I do not post about it to provide my own thoughts as to if Obama is or is not a Christian. I am posting only to provide it as a link of material for people to consider.

Again, calling into question, especially in a public way, a persons salvation is an area where one might want to tread lightly. But based upon what I knew previously concerning Obama and his claim of Christianity coupled with the claims of the linked to site, I do pray that some Christian he knows goes to him and challenges him.


I’ve ignored this site in a big way because I’ve been posting so much on the political on my other blog. I will begin posting here again on a regular basis, it isn’t as though I’ve nothing to post about here. I’ve simply ignored the site because of what could rightly be called, political obsession.

I don’t apologize for the obsession but I do for the ignoring of the site and the ignoring of topics I care about that relate to this site.

Last stats I checked this site has about five persons who check in on a daily basis, where once there were 200+ daily. Not a big readership, but enough that I should not have ignored it.

I’ll hop back on it in the days to come.



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  2. In my opinion they’re running 4 out of 7 on this. The first four points are well documented and a good case for President Obama not being a Christian. The last three though…

  3. I think 3 and 4 are indications, but couldn’t be taken as evidence/proof.
    While on abortion for example, I think it is one of the most horrible things man has ever done I’m not sure support of it proves a person is a non-Christian.

    It may be they are a new Christian, a weak Christian, one who has not moved from milk to meat, that sort of thing.

  4. Hmmmm…Can a person be a Christian if they actively support that which the religion expressly forbids?

    That’s a bit more of a schism between Obama and Christianity than just a mere failing, don’t you think?

  5. I believe that a person can be a Christian and be in support of some things which they are ignorant of so far as it relates to Christianity.

    That is why I noted the newly Christian or the weak Christian.

    When I became a Christian I was already Pro-Life (always have been) but I knew nothing as to how God or biblical text viewed abortion.

    If a person calls themselves Christian and knows that abortion is in fact murder and continues to support abortion… I’m not sure that person should feel very safe about the state of their salvation.

    Before having become a Christian I had been born and raised in a “christian cult”. It was very, very hard to shake much of that teaching.

    Being so hard to shake I carried some of that teaching with me for years. Yet I know during those early years of my walk I was in fact a Christian, a Christian who still had growing to do and still held to some of those cultist beliefs I had grown up being taught.

    The test I think might be, if a person who makes claim to Christianity and supports something like abortion, when confronted with the truth of it… hard hard, if at all do they fight that truth.

    Do they dismiss it?
    Fight it?
    Embrace it?

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