Conservative Bookshelf

I am very sure I am not the first to have considered what books and documents belong on the ultimate “Conservative bookshelf”. I’m equally as sure that there are other conservative bookshelves out there, virtual and real, of which the contents are far more definitive than mine will be.

I am not college educated, I am not a politician, I am not one who has absorbed volumes of history.

I am simply an everyday American in worry over this nation and the trend within that I see, who will make a list of books and documents that are known to have great conservative influence, weather in the past, present or both, upon America and Americans; and books that have influenced me personally and my being a conservative.

The list is one of writings that want my own children to read and to be influenced by. These are books and documents that I believe should shape my children’s understanding of this nation. That I will have them read as their age allows for the understanding of each writings message, that I hope will place in them a longing to see the America in their lifetime, that these books and documents shed light upon.

America as she once was, America as she should be, America as she can be.

How America became ill and how she can be healed.

If you are an American political liberal (leftist, “progressive”), take care reading any of the books and documents found on the list as within each one you are sure to find much that offends you.

To keep the list manageable and practical the finished list will contain no more than 25 books.

The ordering of the books is random and is not representative of importance.

We start of the list with some hopefully obvious selections.

(List begun 12.07.08, a work in progress to which you may feel free to email suggestions)

  1. The Holy Bible: the influence of the bible upon the founders of this nation is undeniable, though the secular left (and even the religious left) make great attempts to diminish the influence of the bible upon the hearts and minds of our founders. The bible was taken very seriously by the founders of this nation and is the text from which their understanding of freedom and liberty came.
  2. Magna Carta 1215: A document forced upon King John in 1215 by a group of English barons. This document, which King John was forced to sign, is one of the most important legal documents from the foundations of Democracy. While the document did little to nothing to protect the common man, it was an attempt to limit the powers of the king and to demonstrate that even the king was bound by the law.
  3. The Mayflower Compact 1620: John Adams said that this document was the foundation of the Constitution of the United States. The Mayflower was bound for the Hudson river, but very far off of it’s course came to what John Smith what name Plymouth. There was a need for some kind of government, in essence to establish a common goal and way by which to achieve that goal, the immediate goal being to survive the coming winter. While the document did not create an actual plan of government it did commit the new colony to create a government based upon the consent of the governed.
  4. The Declaration of Independence 1776: Written by Thomas Jefferson and signed by 55 others, is in my personal estimation, a declaration of man’s passion for individual freedom. It is this nations declaration that we were from that point on independent of Great Britain. “When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another”… The Declaration of Independence is simply one of the greatest documents penned by man. It is the DNA of America, it defines who we as a nation were meant to be.
  5. The Articles of Confederation (adopted 1777, ratified 1781): This document created a Union and a central government under which the war was carried out.
  6. The Constitution of the United States 1787:
  7. The 5,000 Year Leap:




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