Word of Faith Quotes


 The following is a ‘article’ I wrote and posted on my old website in April 2004.  It offended alot of persons then and it may do so now.

Below you will find quotes from various Word of Faith/Positive Confession leaders. You will notice some persons may seem to be overly represented here. I’m sorry, but I am unable to help it if some persons feel to lie so often that they provide an abundance of material.

If you stood Adam upside God, they look just exactly alike….If you stood Jesus and Adam side-by-side, they would look and act and sound exactly alike….The image is that they look just alike, but the likeness is that they act alike and they are alike….All of God’s attributes, all of God’s authority, all of God’s faith, all of God’s ability was invested in that man.
Kenneth Copeland: Authority of the Believer, 1987

What does God the Father look like? Although I’ve never seen Him, I believe – as with the Holy Spirit – He looks like Jesus looked on earth.
Benny Hinn: Good Morning Holy Spirit 1991

What was the appearance of God the Father? Like that of a man…God has the likeness of fingers and hands and a face.
Benny Hinn: Good Morning Holy Spirit, 1991

spiritual death means something more than separation from God. Spiritual death also means having Satan’s nature… Jesus tasted death–spiritual death–for every man.
Kenneth Hagin: Name of Jesus
(Clearly Hagin is then teaching that Jesus took on a satanic nature).

God is a spirit-being with a body, complete with eyes, and eyelids, ears, nostrils, a mouth, hands and fingers, and feet.
Kenneth Copeland: From a Ministry Letter to ministry supporters.

As I lay there on the floor in this condition, my spirit was taken out of my body and the next thing I knew, I was in the heavens.
Suddenly,in front of this tremendous multitude of people, the glory of God appeared. The Form that I saw was about the height of a man six feet tall, maybe a little taller, and twice as broad as a human body with no distinguishing features such as eyes, nose, or mouth.
Morris Cerullo: The Miracle Book

What does God have to pay the price for this thing? He has to have a man that is like that first one. It’s got to be a man. He’s got to be all man. He cannot be a God and come storming in here will attributes and dignities that are not common to man.
He can’t do that.
It’s not legal.
Kenneth Copeland: The Incarnation
(Sounds like Copeland is making a denial of the deity of Christ here ‘He’s got to be all man. He cannot be a God’)

The very first thing on Jesus’ agenda was to get rid of poverty!
Jesse Duplantis: Voice of the Covenant, 1997
(Hmmm… and for some strange reason everytime I think of why Jesus Christ came to earth I think of verses like John 3:16 or John 6:40. Maybe it’s just me…)

Don’t be disturbed when people put you down and speak harshly and roughly of you. They spoke that way of Me, should they not speak that way of you?
The more you get to be like Me, the more they’re going to think that way of you.
They crucified Me for claiming that I was God. But I didn’t claim I was God; I just claimed I walked with Him and that He was in Me.
Kenneth Copeland: Believer’s Voice of Victory, 1987

Nothing Jesus did was because He was the Son of God. The Bible says He laid aside His royal robes of Deity and when He walked on earth He did so as a Prophet under the Abrahamic Covenant.
Rodney Howard Browne: The Anointing and The Touch of God
(Is Browne a Muslim? Jesus, a mere prophet?)

Jesus was taller than I thought He would be. I would guess Him to be from five feet eleven inches to six feet one inch. I thought at first His hair was white; but when He turned His head, I caught a glance and saw that it was light brown. When He looked at me, the glory of God was emanating from Him.
I said, “Jesus!!”
He said simply, “Do you like this place?”
I said, “Yes Sir.”
Jesse Duplantis: Heaven, Close Encounters of the God Kind
(Wow. Jesse meet Jesus face to face. At least Jesse had enough respect to call Jesus “sir”).

Something new is going to happen here today. I felt it just as I walked down here.
Holy Spirit, take over in the name of Jesus, God the Father, ladies and gentlemen, is a person; and He is a triune being by Himself separate from the Son and the Holy Ghost.
Say, what did you say? Hear it, hear it, hear it.
See, God the Father is a person, God the Son is a person, God the Holy Ghost is a person. But each one of them is a triune being by Himself.
If I can shock you, and maybe I should, there’s nine of them. Huh, what did you say?
Let me explain; God the Father, ladies and gentlemen, is a person with his own personal spirit, with his own personal soul, and his own personal spiritbody.
You say, Huh, I never heard that. Well you think you’re in this church to hear things you’ve heard for the last 50 years?
Benny Hinn: Praise The Lord, TBN October, 1990

Jesus existed only as an image in the heart of God, until such time as the prophets of the Old Testament could positively confess Jesus into existence through their constant prophecies.
Kenneth Copeland: The Power of the Tongue
(those crazy prophets, they done wished Jesus into existence).

Jesus death on the cross was not enough to save us.
Kenneth Copeland: Believer’s Voice of Victory, 1991

I am a little messiah walking on earth, in other words, that is a shocking revelation.
May I say it like this?
You are a little god on earth running around.
Benny Hinn: TBN 1990
(Uhhh… Benny…
I’m not a god…
and you are not a god either)

now He’s made Adam god of the earth Adam has been crowned God of all physical things from the dust of the earth including the moon the stars and the planets.
Creflo Dollar: Our equality with God through righteousness, 2001

Did you know that from the beginning of time the whole purpose of God was to reproduce Himself?
Morris Cerullo: The End Time Manifestation of the Sons of God

your not a sinner saved by grace you sons and daughters of the most high God, your God!
Creflo Dollar: Changing your world, 2002

When God looks in the mirror, He sees me! When I look in the mirror, I see God!
Oh, hallelujah!
You know, sometimes people say to me, when they’re mad and want to put me down, ‘You just think you’re a little god!’
Thank you!
You got that right!
Who do you think you are, Jesus?
Are you listening to me? Are you kids running around here acting like gods? Why not? God told me to!
Casey Treat: As documented in the book ‘Seduction of Christianity’ by Dave Hunt

I know that I am healed because he said that I am healed and it makes no difference what the symptoms may be in my body.
E.W. Kenyon: Hidden Man (yeah I know this reaching back some years, but his books are very popular in the WOFM today).

We have sung `Nearer the cross’ and we have prayed that we might be `Nearer the cross’ but the cross has no salvation in it. It is a place of failure and defeat.
E.W. Kenyon: Advanced Bible Course

How can you glorify God in your body, when it doesn’t function right? How can you glorify God?
How can He get glory when your body doesn’t even work? What makes you think the Holy Ghost wants to live inside a body where He can’t see out through the windows and He can’t hear with the ears?
What makes you think the Holy Spirit wants to live inside of a physical body where the limbs and the organs and the cells do not function right? And what makes you think He wants to live in a temple where He can’t see out of the eyes, and He can’t walk with the feet, and He can’t move with the hand?
The only eyes that he has that are in the earth realm are the eyes that are in the body. If He can’t see out of them then God’s gonna be limited he’s not going to be helped.
Frederick K.C. Price: Is God Glorified Through Sickness

When Jesus cried “It is finished!” He was not speaking of the plan of redemption.
There were still three days and nights to go through before He went to the throne.
He was referring to the Abrahamic Covenant. Jesus’ death on the cross was only the beginning of the complete work of redemption.
Kenneth Copeland: Believer’s Voice of Victory, 1982

Do you think that the punishment for our sin was to die on a cross? If that were the case, the two thieves could have paid our price.
No, the punishment was to go into hell itself and to serve time in hell separated from God
Frederick K. C. Price: Ever Increasing Faith Messenger

He [God] doesn’t even draw a distinction between Himself and us….
You know what else that’s settled, then, tonight? This hue and cry and controversy that has been spawned by the Devil to try and bring dissension within the body of Christ that we are gods.
I am a little god!…I have His name. I’m one with Him. I’m in covenant relation. I am a little god! Critics, be gone!
Paul Crouch: Praise The Lord, 1986
(God draws no distinction between himself and his creation? I wonder if these words would ring a bell with Paul.
“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD “.
Hey Paul… you can find that quote from God in the book of Isaiah chapter 55, verse 8).

I was shocked when I found out who the biggest failure in the Bible actually is.
The biggest one in the whole Bible is God!
I mean, He lost His top-ranking, most anointed angel; the first man He ever created; the first woman He ever created; the whole earth and all the fullness therein; a third of the angels, at least – that’s a big loss, man.
Now, the reason you don’t think of God as a failure is He never said He’s a failure.
And you’re not a failure till you say you’re one.
Kenneth Copeland: Praise The Lord, 1988

To hell with you! Get out of my life! Get out of the way! I say get out of God’s way! Quit blocking God’s bridges or God’s going to shoot you if I don¹t. I don’t even want to even talk to you or hear you! I don’t want to see your ugly face!
A message from the loving Paul Crouch to his critics on TBN 1991. 🙂

Say to your body, ‘You’re whole, body! Why, you just function so beautifully and so well. Why, body, you never have any problems. You’re a strong, healthy body.’
Or speak to your leg, or speak to your foot, or speak to your neck, or speak to your back; and once you have spoken and believe that you have received, and don’t go back on it.
Speak to your wife, speak to your husband, speak to your circumstances; and speak faith to them to create in them and God will create what you are speaking.
Marilyn Hickey: Claim Your Miracles

What do you need? Start creating it. Start speaking about it. Start speaking it into being.
Speak to your billfold. Say, ‘You big, thick billfold full of money.’
Speak to your checkbook. Say, ‘You, checkbook, you. You’ve never been so prosperous since I owned you. You’re just jammed full of money.
Marilyn Hickey: Claim Your Miracles

You don’t think earth was first, do you?
Well, you don’t think that God made man in His image, and then made earth in some other image? There is not anything under this whole sun that’s new. Are you hearing what I’m saying? This is all a copy. It’s a copy of home.
It’s a copy of the Mother Planet. Where God lives.
Kenneth Copeland: Following the Faith of Abraham
(Insert music from the TV show ‘The X-Files’ here).

I’m going to tell you something folks, I didn’t stop sinning until I finally got it through my thick head I wasn’t a sinner anymore.
And the religious world thinks that?s heresy and they want to hang you for it.
But the Bible says that I’m righteous and I can’t be righteous and be a sinner at the same time … All I was ever taught to say was, “I’m a poor, miserable sinner.” I am not poor, I am not miserable and I am not a sinner.
That is a lie from the pit of hell.
That is what I was and if I still am then Jesus died in vain.
Joyce Meyer: What Happened from the Cross to The Throne

There is no hope of anyone going to heaven unless they believe this truth I am presenting.
You cannot go to heaven unless you believe with all your heart that Jesus took your place in hell.
Joyce Meyer: The Most Important Decision You Will Ever Make



For certain men whose condemnation was written about long ago have secretly slipped in among you. They are godless men, who change the grace of our God into a license for immorality and deny Jesus Christ our only Sovereign and Lord.

Jude 1:4

15″Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. 16By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? 17Likewise every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. 19Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.
21″Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?’ 23Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’
Matthew 7:15-2

33″Make a tree good and its fruit will be good, or make a tree bad and its fruit will be bad, for a tree is recognized by its fruit.

Matthew 12:33



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